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We are THE Experts in Medical Billing

Outstanding customer service and flexibility is the key to our success! Our medical billing specialists receive continuous compliments on their professional and courteous treatment of our Clients and their patients. More than a third of our Clients have either tried other billing companies or have billed on their own. After switching to MedEx Billing, they have ALL realized a greater financial return with their EMS billing.

Customer Care

MedEx consistently goes above and beyond for its clients, becoming available during off-hours, weekends, and holidays when needed. We place a full team of billers on each account, and we work hard to develop lifelong relationships with our clients. In fact, we have retained over 80% of our clients since we opened our doors in 1991.

Full Legal Protection

MedEx retains two of the top law firms specializing in Medicare and Medicaid field of expertise. These law firms wrote, monitor, and update our program to keep our organization fully compliant. Additionally, MedEx is insured with a $3 million Errors and Omissions policy, allowing us to offer top legal protection to our clients.

Increased Billing Returns

Your success is our success. MedEx is dedicated to increasing your billing returns. We boast an average accounts paid rate of 89.5%. Within our current clientele, 31% previously billed independently or with another billing company – and 100% of those clients saw an increase in their billing returns after switching to MedEx.

Certified & Effective

Our team is 100% certified in NAAC ambulance billing, and we have a 100% pass rate on all Medicare and Medicaid audits. 31% of our clients previously billed with another agency or on their own, and 100% of those clients saw an increase in their financial returns after switching to MedEx. We are experts in our field.

Quality Account Management

MedEx provides robust and continuous follow up on claims appeal denials, and complete processing on applications and revalidations. We never cut corners or simply “write off” insurance company denials; we always send all denials for review, often getting these denials paid. We stay highly organized and effective on all accounts.

Safe & Reliable Technology

We use redundant, mirrored servers kept in a climate-controlled, fire resistant room, and we run backups several times a day to keep your information fully secure. Our business software was developed in-house and requires no outside support, allowing us to ensure the confidentiality and safety of our accounts.

Let Us Handle the Details While You Focus On Saving Lives

Experts in Medical Billing

MedEx is a full-service medical billing company that specializes in EMS billing. Our ambulance billing specialists utilize our very own unique and thorough medical billing process which assures that each and every EMS bill submitted for your ambulance agency has the best possible billing revenue recovered.

Superior Service

We consistently deliver exemplary medical billing services to our Clients with unsurpassed dedication allowing them to focus on patient care. Outstanding performance and Client focus is why we continue to maintain a high Client retention rate and is the reason MedEx will be Your Choice for Life.

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